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Sergio's Mexican RestaurantSergio's Mexican Restaurant
2639B South Oneida Street

Monday, June 9, 2003 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
TT regulars present: Krist & Corey

The diningroomKrist's Review:
Sergio's is the stripmall version of Mexico done right. I have never personally been to Mexico, but everything I might expect from a suburban restaurant with a Mexican theme I found here. The décor uses lots of muted browns, tans, and greens to provide a bit of a southwestern/Mexican feel without using a bunch of bright and gaudy colors to make it obnoxious. The main dining room has an elevated outer area with a roof to simulate the feel of sitting in a booth on a porch in a hacienda. The whole time here we were serenaded by modern Mexican love songs floating throughout the room from the stereo. They brought out a complimentary plate of chips and salsa for us right away, and the waitress was attentive and helpful the whole time. My fajitas were good, if not a little pricey, but Taco Bell this isn't. The menu claims that Sergio's does the margarita right, so I, of course, had to verify this claim. The waitress informed me that only the original, strawberry, and watermelon margaritas are made from scratch, so I ordered a strawberry margarita, and it must be said they definitely did it right. I wasn't allowed to snap photos in the bar, which makes me a little curious as to what was going on in there, but otherwise the visit wasn't such a bad experience.

The diningroomYou might like Sergio's if:
You're into the Taco Bell version of Mexico, but tastier and with margaritas.

You might not like Sergio's if:
You're low on cash.

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