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M.T. PocketsM.T. Pockets
2906 East Newberry Street

Thursday, June 5, 2003 - 12:30am to close
TT regular present: Krist

Kelly replacing a lost dieKrist's Review:
M.T. Pockets is definitely one of your "rec room" neighborhood bars. The barroom has red wood paneling on the walls and ceiling, while the game room has the faux-rock wall and dropped tile ceiling. Between the two rooms there are pool tables, foosball, Golden Tee, electronic gaming, and a Touch Tunes jukebox. It all combines for a very comfortable feeling to the atmosphere. The music was playing extremely loudly when I first arrived, so much so that I could hear Kenny Rogers before I even got out of my car. Of course, any bar where everyone knows Superchunk can't be so bad. I was amused early on to discover that M.T. Pockets has more Miller products on tap (5) than wine and martini glasses hanging on the rack combined (4). They also have a kitchen that serves typical bar food like burgers, fries, onion rings, and chicken wings at reasonable prices. Now to the good stuff…. Bartender Kelly served me one of the best Long Island iced teas I've ever had, yet it only cost $4. She also told me Friday night is the night to be here, as they have all-you-can-drink rails and non-premium tappers for only $5 from 9 until 1. It wasn't a very busy night when I was here, but the crowd was fun and social nevertheless. Definitely a good bar for cheap fun.

The game roomYou might like M.T. Pockets if:
You like to have a good time with good people and drink on the cheap.

You might not like M.T. Pockets if:
You're an anti-social elitist snob or you have sensitive ears.

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