Tavern Tour 2003
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Buffalo Wild Wings
3201 East Calumet Street

Saturday, June 7, 2003 - 10:00pm to 12:00am
TT regulars present: Krist, Corey, Dave

Krist's Review:
Buffalo Wild Wings is your average chain sports bar, and it has all the amenities one might expect from such: bar trivia, televisions tuned to ESPN, ESPN2, and Fox Sports Net, uncomfortable bar stools, and average-at-best chicken wings. I must admit, I actually didn't sample the wings on this visit, but the wings I've had here in the past haven't been anything too remarkable - especially for an establishment called Buffalo Wild Wings - and all my wing connoisseur friends have complained about the wings also. They have all the beers one might expect from a sports bar, both in bottle and on tap, and they have mixed drinks as well. Regrettably, I only drank beer myself, so I couldn't say how well they mix their drinks, but I suspect that most people who come here come in search of a cold anyway. Most people here must just pay for their drinks in cash up front also, as the bartender seemed completely confused when I threw down my credit card and asked to start a tab. One plus that Buffalo Wild Wings has going for them is the fact that they are also a restaurant, meaning those under 21 can join their older friends. Not that I condone this, but this also makes it fairly easy for those of age to supply alcohol to those underage. Nothing flashy, and no personality of its own, but BWW also is at least tolerable and inoffensive.

You might like Buffalo Wild Wings if:
You're with a mixed crowd and it's the one "family friendly" place upon which you can all agree.

You might not like Buffalo Wild Wings if:
You like your bars to have a little character.

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