Tavern Tour 2003
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The XtremeThe Xtreme
2611 North Richmond Street

Friday, June 13, 2003 - 12:30am to 1:30am
TT regulars present: Krist, Carrie, Corey, Matt

A look across the barKrist's Review:
The Xtreme is, frankly, full of extremes. We had heard that Friday is ladies' night there, so that was our reason for picking this particular night. What we found inside were an extreme number of drunk women, an extreme number of men with mullets, and an extreme amount of Metallica being played on the jukebox. Oh, and there was extremely little parking space to be found in the lot that they share with the Richmond Street Motel. Keeping these people occupied - other than the extremely loud music - are dartboards, foosball, and pool tables. The concrete floor, which was reminiscent of a warehouse or an airplane hangar, along with the plywood-and-glass bar give the place a cold and industrial feel. One could imagine the bouncer hosing the place down at closing time to clear out cigarette butts and vomit. We stuck to beer on this night, as Corey's request for a LIT had a bartender questioning if he should be at a supper club instead. The salivating males in the room were apparently there on ladies' night with one thought and intention - drunken ladies = loose ladies. Some of the behavior we experienced would lead us to believe that several of these men would be going home with several of these women. Hey, can you blame 'em?

Bar patrons having a good timeYou might like The Xtreme if:
You enjoy banging your head against walls while downing bottles of Miller Lite and listening to Metallica.

You might not like The Xtreme if:
Rednecks frighten you.

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