Tavern Tour 2003
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Friar Tuck'sFriar Tuck's
2120 West College Avenue

Tuesday, June 10, 2003 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
TT regulars present: Krist and Carrie

A look down the barKrist's Review:
Friar Tuck's is an example of how to establish a theme and then carry it out. From the exterior appearance to the interior appearance, and from little monks all around to the garb of the waitresses, Friar Tuck's carries out the monastic theme to a T. The exterior is bathed in white with wood trim. Entering the building means opening a heavy wooden door and passing into a dimly lit room with an open wood beam and paneled ceiling. Most of the seating consists of padded wooden booths with rather high backs, while there are a few tables in the bar. We sat at the bar to indulge in 2-for-1 first drinks during happy hour (or cocktail hour, as they like to call it), which means we didn't get to be served by one of the waitresses in the little monk dresses. They had a nice little happy hour spread, mixed some good, stiff drinks, and I've always been a fan of their sandwiches. The best is that they let people customize their orders without charging outlandish prices to do it (I like to change the bread on my sandwich to sourdough and add cheese sauce to my potato wedges). You don't have to come during their happy hour - which runs from 4 until 7 - to enjoy sandwiches and drinks here, but you do if you want 2-for-1.

The sign at the entranceYou might like Friar Tuck's if:
You like a little beer with your sandwich.

You might not like Friar Tuck's if:
Images of monks would give you nightmares about Catholic school.

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