Tavern Tour 2003
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Brandy's BarBrandy's Bar
1203 East Wisconsin Avenue

Thursday, June 12, 2003 - 12:30am to close
TT regular present: Krist

A look down the barKrist's Review:
A trip to Brandy's Bar is like a trip to grandma's house - it's old and outdated but it feels comfortable. Everything from the bar to the stools and from the ashtrays to the light fixtures either dates back to at least the 60's or looks as though it does. The different pieces are all gleaned from various locations such as old bars and restaurants. Even the coasters are homemade! The bar has been owned and operated by Brandy for twenty-six years. Before that it was another bar for ten years, and before that it was a meat market. The bar has newer amenities among its entertainment options, including pool tables, dart boards, a jukebox, and electronic gaming. They also have karaoke every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night. On the third Monday of the summer months they have cribbage tournaments that start at 7 pm and cost $5 to enter. Win and get your name added to the plaques listing all the winners from over the years. Cans of beer seem like a popular option among the patrons, but I was plenty content paying $.90 for 8oz glasses of Miller Lite. The crowd was light on this particular night, but I'm told that it's busier during karaoke and when the guys come in to cash their paychecks. Owner/bartender Brandy came over several times to talk to me and was an extremely nice guy, but he also knows how to have an attitude and joke around with guys, as anyone who has been in the business as long as he has could. It may not be the most exciting bar in town, but the local neighborhood color makes it feel like home.

The bar from afarYou might like Brandy's Bar if:
You like little neighborhood bars where the beer is cheap and the people are nice.

You might not like Brandy's Bar if:
You like your bars trendy and decorated by Ikea.

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