Tavern Tour 2003
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Clancy Muldune'sClancy Muldune's Pub & Grill
325 North Appleton Street

Sunday, June 1, 2003 - 9:00pm to close
TT regulars present: Krist, Carrie, Dave, Matt, Trixie, Mickey

FU pouring drinksKrist's Review:
Clancy Muldune's is the little dive bar that isn't. In other words, its exterior appearances do not fully represent the atmosphere that lies inside. The barroom itself, like many neighborhood bars, is more like a basement rec room than anything else. Short green carpet covers the floor, while the walls are covered in several layers of thick white paint. They have darts, pool tables, foosball, video gaming, and a jukebox. The televisions were tuned to Comedy Central when we first arrived, but were later changed to Cartoon Network for Adult Swim. Drinks on Sunday nights are nominally cheap, with $2 specials on domestic pints, a couple of shots, and in-house specialty drinks like the Aquateen and the Fryloc. A Jack's pizza ran us $5.50. The bartender, FU, played his own version of Name that Tune, with winners receiving free shots. I won a free shot myself by identifying the eels' "Novocaine for the Soul." The crowd on this particular night was mostly a meat market. In fact, the few females in the bar seemed to mostly be bored mates of the males, sitting alone staring off into space as the men played games and drank. Even so, even the most boorish of patrons were still pretty friendly and personable. The bathrooms, thankfully, were fairly well kept up and clean, which I am told is better than they once were. Overall, it's not such a bad little bar for some cheap drinks and cheaper entertainment.

A riveting game of foosballYou might like Muldune's if:
You're into neighborhood bars where everybody knows everybody, but you want the addition of being downtown and close to other choices.

You might not like Muldune's if:
You have social anxieties and don't want anyone to bother you. The other patrons can get quite "friendly" after they've had a few, so you'd better be ready to interact.

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