Tavern Tour 2003
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Route 66Route 66
342 West College Avenue

Friday, June 6, 2003 - 12:30am to 1:30am
TT regulars present: Krist, Corey, Trixie, Jessica

Krist's Review:
Look how they destroyed the old Viking Theater! As with every new drinking establishment I enter this summer, I went into Route 66 with an open mind, but I was barely in the door before my opinion was set. Route 66 is the worst bar in which I've ever been. Route 66 is more of a club, really, and with drinks as expensive as their drinks are - I paid $7 for the worst LIT I've ever had - I certainly hope anyone entering Route 66 is there to dance to the awful house music instead of intending to get drunk. Route helps their own cause in this department, with their all-you-can-drink $8 cup, but buying one comes with the assumption that one can deal with the loud music, flashing lights, poor service, and moronic patrons long enough to make the purchase worth its price. The bartender who mixed our LITs has obviously spent much more time in the gym than at bartending school. My advice to him is to lay off the steroids. It must be working for him though, because at the bar he was getting plenty of attention from all the scantily-clad women. Attention guys: there's more cleavage to be found at Route 66 than at a geology convention - but if you got that joke, you're probably not going home with any of it.

You might like Route 66 if:
You're so desperate for sex you might even screw a tree if it moved... and you were drunk enough off the cup special.

You might not like Route 66 if:
You've never been fooled into thinking that Justin Timberlake makes good music.

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