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The Frozen TundraThe Frozen Tundra
205 West College Avenue

Wednesday, June 11, 2003 - 12:00am to 1:30am
TT regulars present: Krist and Trixie

Bartender in actionKrist's Review:
Frozen Tundra is known for their frozen drinks, like daiquiris and ice cream drinks, but apparently Appleton isn't ready for them. Actually, I don't think Frozen Tundra is ready for them either. I had heard before arriving that that's what their specialties were, but when I inquired with a bartender, he had to think for a minute before looking at a menu and pointing to the specials area. I tried two of the drinks, a Goombay Smash daiquiri (based upon the ingredients it sounded like the most intoxicating) and a Mudslide. Both were actually pretty good, but they haven't done the greatest job of promoting themselves to pique the interest of those who don't know about them. On this particular night the crowd was misrepresentatively large, as there were plenty of Lawrence students inside in the midst of their annual pub crawl. Once the LU students left, the place cleared out quickly and it was just the two of us and the bartender. I guess that explains why they're almost always closed when I pass by. They had a lone dartboard, a jukebox, and Golden Tee, but all were sitting wasting away with nobody around to use them. Instead of the jukebox, the bartender was just playing music off the stereo, in which case the music was still quite varied. Even so, I felt that when they played country it was most fitting with the atmosphere of the bar itself. The Frozen Tundra is really still too new, as are many of the bars on the Avenue, to have established a personality, but if they don't round up some customers soon, none of that will matter.

More empty sitting areasYou might like The Frozen Tundra if:
You love frozen drinks like daiquiris and ice cream drinks.

You might not like The Frozen Tundra if:
If you like to drink in bars with customers.

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