Tavern Tour 2003
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Bazil's and FireflyBazil's Pub & Provisions and
Mark's Firefly Lounge
109 West College Avenue
920.954.1707 - Bazil's
920.954.1770 - Firefly

Saturday, June 14, 2003 - 10:30pm to 12:30am
TT regulars present: Krist, Carrie, Corey, Matt

Inside of Bazil'sKrist's Review:
For some reason I failed to jot down extensive notes about our visit to Bazil's and the 'Fly. I suspect the reason is because it's not so easy to begin stereotyping the bars or the people who patronize them. Everyone from old jocks and hicks to geeks and skaters can be found hanging out in either one of the two bars, which keeps them from being very classifiable. I guess this means we'll have to discuss the differences between the two bars. Bazil's, which occupies the ground floor section of the building, embodies your classic pub, with everything from the wood tables, bar, and trim to the green carpet and walls. Bazil's is also much more spacious and better lit than its sister bar downstairs. Down in the basement is Mark's Firefly Lounge. The Firefly Lounge is much louder, much rowdier, and much more cramped for space - mostly because it's also usually busier. It's considerably darker down there and tables and places at the bar are often much harder to come by. While the décor is different, the crowd is pretty much the same. Between the two bars there are several other entertainment options, including pool, darts, and Golden Tee. There are all sorts of drink specials to be had - far too many to attempt listing here - comprising monthly specials, daily specials, and random special occasions.

Inside of thr FireflyYou might like Bazil's and the Firefly if:
You're into bars at all.

You might not like Bazil's and the Firefly if:
You're cheap. Drinks can be kind of expensive sometimes.

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