Tavern Tour 2003
Section 1 - College Avenue Section 2 - Downtown Area Section 3 - Northeast Section 4 - Northwest Section 5 - South of the Fox River
The Tavern Tour Crew down at Carter's CabooseWelcome to the official website of the one-and-only Appleton Tavern Tour 2003. Follow we crazy kids as we visit and review all of the bars and restaurants that serve alcohol in the city of Appleton, Wisconsin. Check out the "about" section for further explanation of the tour, see the "calendar" to find out where we're headed next, click on the "thus far" link to see where we've already been, or locate our reviews and exploits alphabetically in the "index" section. We've divided the city up into 5 areas, and a list of the bars and restaurants in those areas can be found by clicking on the area numbers above.

-The Tavern Tour Crew

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